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and all of the thrashing in the world can't change that his vital functions have shutting down and he will cease to exist as a human being. greg? >> wow. that was thorough. >> it gets more involved each time. >> i would call it fan fiction, but it is more like anti-fan fiction. >> it is the opposite of slash fiction. >> do you though there is a police officer in new york arrested for writing such things. >> is that right? >> yes. >> well, that police officer is not me. >> that is true. >> i like the new set, by the way. >> it is permanent. it will be from now on, viewers at home. >> fantastic. >> go away. let's welcome our guest. she spends all of her time getting dangerous men off. i am here tonight with criminal defense attorney remi spencer. and he is so sharp he is not uh you loued near -- he is not allowed near -- he is not allowed near he mow fill yaks. in stockholm he is a syndrome, bill schulz. and i would stick my head inside of him for safety reasons he is the editor-in-chief. that's a copyright there. >> a block. the lede. and now the longest hour in television. >> must the
. it's a tough year of change. i want you to know something, eric, it has been -- we have been on the air two years. you are a pro. you have done more to promote the show than anything else. >> eric: love you brother. >> andrea: happy birthday. >> dana: are you going to niss we'll show you that on monday. thank we will show you the video straight ahead. greg? >> no, we won't, andy. >> why are we doing the story? >> slow news day. >> i guess it was either that or the sequester. >> rut sequester. >> rut. >> let's welcome our guest. she is so cute that dora the explorer sleeps on a dana parino pillow. and if fierce commentary was karate lessons i would do him in the strip mall. it is jimmy mcginnis, gavin's dad. and in delaware he is considered a rest stop. it is my sidekick, bill schulz. and he is so british he sneezes tine thee double decker -- sneezes tiny double decker buses. he is kind of vein if you ask me. it is not just a company, but varney and company on weekday mornings on fox business network. >>> should our gov focus on love? a democraticesswoman, is there any other k
, dennis. rodman was at the vatican on a mission to promote a gambling website. never change, dennis. for more let's go to the vatican correspondent. we need a bigger budget. itthe caliber has gone downhill. tom? >> hi. >> hi, andy. >> you are catholic, but my understanding is that 120% of the world's catholics do come from latin america. does this choice make a lot of sense? >> what was that? >> 120%. >> i didn't know that. it is the fastest growing and it is south america and africa. that's where we are getting our catholics from. >> but 120% are from south america. just tell me what you think of the choice. >> the attendance is dwindling in my parish. this is a great opportunity for a lot of local reporters to say argentina. they love to do that. otherwise, i don't know what -- how does everyone -- i am looking at the news and everybody seems to have an opinion of this pope. what am i supposed to do? i am catholic and go to church every sunday. i don't know this guy. give me a little time. >> tom, that's how the tv news business works. you don't have to though something to have an
with a powerful message that will change the way you think about american diplomacy. and was a seven-year-old thrown in jail for making a pop tart into a gun? and a brooklyn manis own kidnapping to explain his two-week disappearance to his girlfriend. should have said he was part of the nbc prime time lineup. >> i would say okay, but i would be lying. >> people couldn't hear me because you were talking over me. >> she mailing it in is what i said. >> interesting. we'll talk about this later. >> let's welcome our guest. balloon animals send her hate mail. if acting talent were karaoke many businessmen would do him drunk at a sales conference. you can see him in the movie ables field that you can find on amazon, the website and not the forest. and he is the author of true strength. he will be on "the view" on friday. and vermont, he is considered a syrup. my repulsive sidekick, bill schulz. and if hilarity was a heineken he would be in a bottle. he would be at the funny bone this charlotte, north carolina this thursday and this friday and saturday. >> a block, the lede. that's the firs
, they should change it to it's a bad world. it is a bad world after all. it is a dangerous world. >> maybe smashing pumpkins should rewrite. it the world is a vampire. one day you will find out. the world is a vampire. can we do that then gene and zoom in on my face? >> it is true. don't tell them it is a small world. coming up, should partying be allowed on the surface of the sun? andrew wk discusses his new book? why partying should be allowed on the surface of the sun. find me, andrew wk. that's a long title, but i like it but first, excuse me, should the government tax. what's next? your income? >>> should we put a tax on lowell cats? a brooklyn city councilman says taxing them could help local economies. he suggested that money collected from your web surfing and e-mails could be used in berkeley's case to save the local post office. that is like taxing a ding dong to save a ho-ho. that was a terrible mockery of my joke. but there should be something like a bit tax. i mean a bit tax could be sent per a gigabit and they would make probably, what -- >> a gig go by the? >> it is gigabit.
are bad. carbs are good. the story keeps changing. so i'm not listening... to anyone but myself. i know better nutrition when i seet: great grains. great grains cereal stts whole and stays whole. see the seam? more processed flakes look nothing like natural grains. you can't argue th nutrition you can see. great grains. search great grains and see for yourself. to help support a healthy tabolism try new great grains protein blend in cinnamon hazelnut orhone. >> he's on the fence about fox newings. jim carrey released a video mock gun owners. we call them a tool and hypocrite and mocked him more and then the actor released an statement. since i released my cold dead hand i have (bleep) news rant and rave and slander me. we are mocking you about your video you moron. i would take them to task legally if i felt they were worth my time or that anyone with a brain in their head could actually foul for irresponsibility buffoonery. >> when you threaten legal action that's like somebody saying i will go call my daddy because i started a fight and you beat me up and i will go home and my daddy i
he changed the letters in fox news. were we reacting to the political element or the content? >> look, i read up on this and saw that his stance he doesn't like assaults. so you don't like assault and not trying to slam jim carrey. i was excited to see bert wonderstone and then the video to bring in his take and it was none of it there. you were making fun of a broad-- like i am going to make fun of charlton heston. i am not a charlton heston fan either. >> dude, you are about to get a beating. >> it doesn't make me laugh. >> that is the thing. i love the fact that in this letter he calls us bullies. >> and intolerant, too. >> and actually after making fun much all gun owners and any american with a drawl and he dances charlton heston's grave and we pointed out. we are the bullies. this is it a coward. the thing i enjoy the most about this is that why got to him. >> you know what he did. he took out the o out of fox and put in a u. >> why did he misspell it. >> it makes him look stupid, bill. >> we have spell check people, use it >> they talk english don't they. >> he may have wrote i
. they save money. >> my mind is beginning to change. also it is nice to have your family together because you know when things are tough and somebody needs a ride somewhere, there is always somebody there to baby-sit or take gram pes to have his -- gramps to have his thing changed. it all works out. >> do you know how hard it is to clean the open sores myself? i need my mommy. >> i heard three cameramen grown. >> you know what? they have their moms and they did it like awe. awe, i have open sores too. i know you do, cameramen. >> from grads to cads. he is barely out of hug gees and raping about drugies. i am thinking about little poopy. it has caught the attention of child welfare authority. the nine-year-old rapper can be seen on youtube which is an internet destination, lori. he is smacking a woman's rear and raping, quote, coke is not a bad word. >> can you explain that to me too. >> coke ain't a bad word, word, word. coke ain't a bad word ♪ ♪. >> riding in the backseat ♪ that's what bosses do ♪ ♪ money in the bank ♪ i could take a loss or two ♪ ♪ fillet mignon and lobster
changed the national conversation as he tweeted, quote, except, however -- i am not read thasmght except in mississippi where the governor is now expected to sign a bill that would plea vent laws forcing -- that would prevent laws forcing restaurants to calorie count. it is called the anti-bloomburg bill. for more let's go to this dog. >> it is like cannibalism or doggism. it is an ism of some kind. mr. president, the president of "red eye." you know that makes you one of the top 20 presidents. you are above estonia. >> i need to do a state of the show speech. i never have done an inaugural address. >> are you doing that the next time you are on, my friend. that is going to be fantastic. we will get beyonce to play. why are cheese-itz okay, but soda isn't? does he not want us to have the stuff he likes? >> i am delighted the judge struck down the large soda ban. it really does go to the heart of what i think is wrong with the country's direction. i hate to maying sugar resoda sound like the future of the country, but this is what obamacare will mean. ultimately the government pays for ev
, but as we learned that is changing and their bond is actually 80s sitcom strong. >> the bonds between the united states and israel are unbreakable. and the commitment of the united states to the security of israel is iron clad. >> ♪ thank you for being a friend ♪ sthoat travel down the road and back again ♪ ♪ your heart is true ♪ you're a pal ♪ thank you for being a friend ♪ >> obama's limo in israel broke down after the driver put the wrong fuel in the car. there it is. the car had to be towed away and the driver was killed. for more let's go live to "red eye" senior national correspondent. >> here i thought bill was the coke machine. ambassador. >> it is 15 cents a can, right? >> i want one of those things. i would probably lose a limb. do you think they could have the same relationship as dorothy and rose? are they as close as the golden girls or is this for show? >> it is unbelievable to me that the israeli embassy in washington would put out a piece of propaganda like that. i'm sure they cleared it with the white house. does this saturday what you need politically,
hitler your next door neighbor who is a teacher. should have changed his name. >> i have one. andy levy is awesome. unbelievable, dude. think about that. >> he used to say that all the time. >> with fans like that, i don't know. >> you said for the left the problem with socialism is that it is an imperfect science so they excuse things when they don't go right. for the left it is the people that are imperfect. >> greg: that is what i said! >> socialism itself is not an imperfect science. >> greg: i said capitalism is an imperfect science. socialism is always the fault of the practitioner. we agreed but i stated it poorly. >> i agree with you, yes. >> watching the ncaa. >> georgetown is getting killed, man. >> saturday night. >> no, i'm not. >> got him on that. >> gun free zone app. pab you you said they are pointing out that the app can be used by both sides. an interesting idea and in some years someone could compile stats and see which zones had gun related deaths. we do that now. look at chicago and wag, washington. >> that is a good point. a good point. we have seen chicago is a per
when you take them off of the cupcakes? times have change would i was in fifth grade my mom sent a bundt cake of hitler. >> of hitler>> and a chocolate mussolini. >> can't have a chick of the principal. >> how is that a conclusion there. >> sensitivity and you have lost your mind. guys are going along with it. they need votes and only a broad would make this decision . >> i completely disagree. >> i know, that's why i said it. >> explain you would disagree. >> it is a matter of being politically collect and nothing to do with a chick. >> they are. how do they vote? >> that is a typical girl response. >> thank you, bill. >> if these cupcakes had a burka on them they would allow it and talk abouter -- about tolerance and adversity. nothing to do with a chick. >> she shut you down, nick. >> it is about being a chick. >> sensitivity is not in our dna. >> it is a generation of males that are coming up now it is . in the men running the schoolings. >> it is the cupcakes. >> terrible. i love hillary clinton. >> you are awful. can i switch seats? >> bill, the thing you can't afford the c
he was changed to a green patriot. >> it is basically nail fungus. >> that's right ssments thank you just had the fungus. the newer one is the green patriot. >> but it is green. >> back to you, greg. >> thank you, mr. moyninhan. up next, forever young. do you want to live forever? itit is nothing. i don't know ho to respond. >> what was john ham thinking with this post? i don't know. i will ask him when i get home. >>> i was invited to the nonparty. oh. does john hamm own the cover of "rolling stone" or does he look really, really stupid. show it. this is the new "rolling stone." we will spend a segment talking about this picture. discuss shall we in the -- >> lightning rooooooouuuuunnnndd. lightning round. >> can we put the cover up there while we talk so we can -- so people know? sherrod, what is wrong with this? >> i think adam lambert looks great. >> it is a cigarette. >> it is a lollipop. >> it is a cigarette. >> he is obnoxious. >> is "rolling stone" no longer understanding what cool is? they stopped years ago. >> they put britney spears on a cover several times. i think they f
>> greg: i am changing my one more thing. we found out that andrea tantaros has a new radio show in january. debuted at number seven in the country. congratulations to andrea. she is well deserved. there are people in front of her that i think would not be, it wouldn't a great loss. >> greg: how nice of you? are you suggesting that could be killed? >> bob: you could do it that way. >> andrea: don't do anything rash. >> bob: i was one of the first guest on your show, right? >> andrea: the first guest. >> bob: you didn't do too well. >> andrea: you should come back. we have a game show for you. >> bob: you asked me ridiculous questions. >> andrea: we played a game show. played one with eric, too. rock and load with eric. played a country music quiz with dana. >> eric: congratulations. thank you. >> andrea: the work is very, very hard. >> eric: my turn? >> greg: yes, eric. >> eric: full screen breathe. one more time. there is still. open hour white house. hashtag it and trend it. trending on and off all day. if you want to twitter. @presssec. that is jay carney's twitter account. le
in this country, and they are correct that we have to change america's diet. but even this simple obvious truth, they are totally incapable of handling. the fact he thinks he can handle this problem shows how naive and arrogant he is. you can't solve it. >> you cannot enforce you -- utopia even if you happen to be right. they are always parts of a utopian society, but when you do that people die. >> we don't even enforce the laws in the city. it is the most libertarian city on earth. none of them are enforced. 15-year-olds hang out at bars after school. people smoke pot on the street pretty much openly. i don't think the soda ban is ever going to happen. i am wondering how much it would actually cost. >> the 15-year-old in a bar could explain the awkwardness from earlier this week when i won't get into that story because it is still pending legal deals. lori, you are a business lady and a small one at that. is this a victory for the little guy or the little girl? >> it is a victory for normal people. it is a question of mislaid priorities, right? gavin, you make a great point. there are tremend
during the war so i am fine with it. >> okay you changed your mind and made me look like a fool. they approved punching you in the stupid face. those words. >> that can't be legal. i want to see the story. i am not buying this. of course let them see this. scare kids, scare tactics. maybe they will be less likely to get into war in the future. drill it into their head. it only works if it applies to drugs. i know when i was a kid i was making my own books. they were horrific. it was about mutilation. i too was precocious. >> greg, what ever happened to the old -- when i was a boy what was better than picking up a "highlights" magazine. >> i wish they made out. >> why not books on great world war ii battles, bravery, heroism? >> it is okay with wars as long as it is ones we won. >> "highlights" magazine is not as inspiring. sorry. >> this segment was nonsense. but it was a good nonsense. >> malcolm mcdowell. >> do you have a comment on the show or my finger, e-mail us at red eye at fox do you have a video of your animal doing something interesting? a dog walking itself?
. people should have children because they think they should have children. >> it doesn't change the fact that most people do it because they think it is just what they are supposed to do. >> i want to move on, but you are basically saying what we already know. it is called continuing the population. you have to have kids or the planet dies. >> the population is fine. the planet is not going to die. the population will go strong for a longtime. the average person doesn't go, i dream of having a family. i want to nurture a child. they say my neighbor did it and i should do it too. >> it is a condescending attitude for people who want to have kids. >> i'm sorry. andy, i'm sorry. >> i just have a feeling that conversation just caused a lot of people to try and go and make some kids. >> i know what i am doing after the show. >> greg, you said what bugs you is rodman is withholding information about an enemy of the u.s. >> i don't think he is doing it very well. i won't tell you if the toilets were made of gold or anything like that. i promised i wouldn't talk about that. >> i love that. >> th
announced they have changed positions and won't -- get this they won't support a student-lead sex week with state tax dollars. the x-rated extravaganza take place in april which is the month and not the woman and features events like getting laid, bow-chaca-wow-wow and how many licks does it take? probably not a local -- lollipop. and one state senator told knox news, quote -- fox news, quote, we should be teaching these children what it takes to get jobs. i don't know if they are having seminars on oral sex and bondage unless they plan on becoming a porn star. maybe so. meanwhile, this event went as planned. >> isn't that adorable? first gay marriage and now we have cows and dogs hanging out together. separate but equal an will mas, separate but equal. jedediah, was this a good decision on the state to stop sponsoring sex week? >> i think so. and you left out two key features of the event. they had a poetry reading lesbian bondage expert. and they had a campus wide scavenger hunt for a golden condom. if our tax dollars are not going to support something like this, what else are they g
. >> i said i went to devie. i camped outside and got change from the good people. yes, i think they are making total sense here just from the point it is okay to make fun much harvard if you have something against it but don't send the trust fund kids and say wow, making fun of everything . it is deinal to make fun of harvard. >> and for one thing. the only thing of harvard is pass and get in and drop out. point made. do something useful with your life. of up are right. that is one thing with the admission letter and other than the person who wrote the editorial who i agree with you is a legacy and they will look crazy based on that editorial. bunce you got in that's what you got. >> and every academic newspaper. they are the equivalent of proda and this is what you expect from them and we shouldn't be shocked by that longer should we? >> it is all over the university . yeah, it is it a preimminent university. you can have complants with something. it doesn't matter. they should critize. >> they are making an argument against adversity >> and it is like you are not allowed to d
. and the changes have been market reforms. they got away from the old model . >> a little history on sweden without mentioning it. >> i sucked the air out of this room. >> you know how i can tell? did you see how dark it is? >> that's what uh stone jew looks like. >> from the white house to a drunk louse. he is still loco for noco. the new york post reports that dennis rodman was kicked on ut of a manhattan bar hours after telling everyone what a great guy the north korean deck -- dictator is. he was fast friends with kim j nu g-un last week as this north korean news report foppedly remembers. report fondly remembers. >> it was a spontaneous eruption that went on for 55 minutes. then he enjoyed the game. >> fun was had by all. >> in that span of time approximately 500 north koreans starvedded to death. north korea is steamed about the u.s. in china have imposed sanctions in response to its nuclear test last month. noko issued a statement threatening to nullify the 1953 air miss it is a that ended the korean war saying we aim to launch surgical strikes s being bound by the accord and the advanced --
. >> you convinced me. i changed my argument and i apologize for disagrees with you and you and you. i will now speak until i can't speak anymore. >> here is what gets me, bill, besides you. he was positively frightened of a law abiding citizen with a gun, but not with a government with drones. isn't that a bit weird for a leftist? >> i am a -- to use a noncliche, down in legs. i would like to introduce that one. some would say it is less a man standing up for ideals and more a guy that is trying to get out of the shadow of his dad and make a name for himself on this crazy little game we call filibuster. and they are absolutely right. >> we haven't had a filibuster since the great filibuster of 1883. filibustering on pastrome. >> and he is not reading out of the phone book like harry reid. >> that would be fun. >> rand paul cares about privacy issues. he really cares about the issues. if you follow his career he is calling out republicans and calling out democrats. who ever he needs to call out on these issues he does it. >> fra i agree with him. having said that, anybody who is into p
the crowd sourcing could change the industry. agree, disagree or thinking about a nap? >> i usually am just humming yankee doodle in my head. i do have a point. what did they raise $2 million? >> 2.9 is what i saw. >> america, we can't prevent a cataclysmic sequester. it was black death headed our way. no one did anything about that. but this show needed to be saved. there were $2 million of quirky, snarky, high school detectives. that's what we got behind and rallied. >> it is really one girl's journey to adulthood. >> as a former teen detective, i know are you excited about this, do you think fans paying studios to make movies is the wave of the future? >> it is going to -- to me it is about as much pull as the nickelodeon kids choice awards. you are having a bunch of kids that are given their allowance so veronica mars can solve who took a dump in the bath m rue. it is thought for me. -- in the bathroom. it is not for me. >> i can tell you were a big fan of the show. clearly you know them all by heart. >> soiler alert, it was sherrod. it is always sherrod. i am so happy for the veronica
. >> jedediah, we are, what, 20 miles from sweden. would you check this out? would it change your life and make you see things differently? >> i wouldn't pay $15 for it. why do you have to pay? why not just find a dirty, gross place to sleep in and experience it that way? why give them my money? >> the odds #r bill will be standing over you and peaking on you. peeing. >> vow being guarded and can't get stabbed. >> right. >> it is not a real bridger. >> it is not a bridge. it is like an amusement park area where they set these things up. dan, first they gave us ikea and now this. can sweden do anything right? they have horse in their meatballs. >> being of swedish dissent i say yes and how dare you offend my people? this is one time when you say look how poor people live. i love my house. poor people live so bad. what is next? hunting humans? yes i smoke pat -- smoke pot. >> you may be the only one who saw that movie. >> last time i watched it with the sound off and the closed captioning on. in a seedy bar. >> i watched it with closed captioning with a seedy bar full of seed. >> it sums up the e
on television before. >> that's right. i have a rule i lived by my entire career. i will change in now. i will wear a hat on tv. >> nice. >> look at her. >> "justify." >> looks farber on you than it did on me. >> did raelyth
Search Results 0 to 28 of about 29 (some duplicates have been removed)